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Hmmmm. I don't quite understand why Mythu is in danger. How is a rounded, toothless duck bill going to harm the scaly, armored hide of a dragon? Tickle him to death? And if they annoyed Mythu enough, why doesn't he just start popping them into his mouth until they are all gone, just as what happened to the unicorn and pony?
He tried, you should read my part this week to understand why he can do nothing against the ornitolambs...
Yes I saw your comic, the creatures are too tough to bite, but if you recall, Mythu is quite capable of swallowing whole both ponies and unicorns that seem even a bit larger than these creatures.

Real reptiles have remarkable digestive abilities. Alligators for example, can completely dissolve the shell of a turtle and the largest of bones. Mythu could simply swallow them whole as his ability to accomplish this feat has already been estabished in the "Dragon Mail Canon".

This is what I meant in critiquing your comic. Once something happens in your universe you must accept it as a fact, so mythu could swallow these creatures whole. In your case you have already set the precedent that your wizard had godlike powers to kill the "invincable giant dragon" no one else in that world could slay. Now nothing is impossible for your hero and your comic ceases to be interesting for they can never be in danger. I suggest you backtrack and make this silly dragonslaying episode merely a "dream sequence" of what he wanted to do and not what he can really do. Otherwise you comic is about a god who can accomplish any feat with impunity. Really quite pointless unless you are a geek who imagines he is the "wizard god".
But my character is not the elf wizard, is the guy with glasses (the one who is saying "the spongy death, the spongy death!").
That hardly makes any different which hero in the band is your God. If you have an omnipotent God as one of your merry band of adventurers it is no longer an "adventure". Your God sidekick can destroy any monster with a wave of his hand, so what is the point?. He should now be ruling your fantasy planet.

This is why it is difficult to have a a god wizard or a "good" dragon as a sidekick in quality fantasy stories, it is so powerful it can get the heroes out of any trouble. This is why Dragon Mail works so well. Mythu is a "good" dragon only in name so the story is quite clever.

Whereas your fantasy was not clever at all: Heroes slay mighty dragon as easily as stepping on a bug... end of story. Cliche storyline of every child's fairytale. It was as if a 10 year old wrote it.
Wow, it´s difficult to find a "I don´t like your comic and I am going to pester you until you admit it´s crap" with such spelling and grammar level.

I understand, and value, a good thoughtful opinion. But don´t take it too far, because the purpose for both readers and writers is just to have fun, so let´s let (xD) everyone be happy :D
i smell a troll

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