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Oh dear...mythu..No more eating the author *bats with a rolled up newspaper*
Hmmm, I thought we'd get a bigger reaction from Mythu considering dragons usually demand such buxom young maidens in their usual extortion rackets of not burning the farms and crops in exchange for the aforementioned buxom young maidens. I think Mythu might be gay. Come to think of it, we have never seen him with a female dragon in any of his adventures.
I think he just eats em.
Oh, Mythu would just eat an offered maiden. But he's found a better scam in delivering packages and eating random bandits he sets up.

Plus, Mythu's not gay, he's just straight! He's also not into humans, obviously.

Mythu might have had a reaction if she were a centaur.

Dharyhm: I think you're going to need a rolled up 50 foot oak tree to get through Mythu's thick skull.
Yes, Mythu isn't turned on by human women and perhaps he is completely "straight". But there obviously must be a reason why young maidens seem to be the preferred "sacrifice of choice" among your average dragon. Maybe among more environmental conscious dragons, demanding a young maiden every so often is their conscious attempt to reduce the surplus human population in the most effective way posible - eliminating the 'breeding stock".
There are other possibilities too. Humans could just be assuming that dragons want maidens because that is what humans demand.

Maiden stealing dragons could be a rarity among dragons, but the primary kind that interacts with humans.

Or you could be right, DC. Although I think the problem is that we haven't seen ANY female dragons in Dragon Mail.
Maybe Mythu has a mate and even eggs or younglings back in his cave. That might explain why he can be gone all the time delivering mail. He would need somebody back home to guard his hoard from marauding adventurers. Of course, maybe he is not even that conventional and has his treasure drawing compounded interest in a human bank and he sleeps on the roof of the post office when not out 'partying'.

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