051 - The Flank Anomaly (7)

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Well, genius, that's obvious.

I also made a couple of fanarts for Dash Academy. This one and this one. :D
If you haven't read Dash Academy... It's a webcomic made by SorcerusHorserus happening in the high school years of Rainbow Dash, Gilda, Fluttershy and others, with a really high quality in both art and writing.
But if you haven't read it, that would mean that you read this webcomic and don't read Dash Academy!! How is that even possible? Go fix that --> Dash Academy.

I think I'm going to use this news section to link more of my favourite pony webcomics in next updates. :P
2012-10-28 23:00:00

La parte de engañar bots



La parte de engañar bots todavía más

Applejack always dresses in styl... no, espera
2012-10-28 23:13:46
Pink Champagne
Can't blame Rarity, she'll probably never get the chance again.
2012-10-29 00:01:44
Von der Tann
No se si es intencional o no, pero esta tira hace referencia a un viejo fic del verano dorado llamado "I've got no accent".
2012-10-29 00:17:43
@Von der Tann
Pues nunca lo había oído. O_O
2012-10-29 00:31:43
Firelite Flash
I'm pretty sure that's NOT something I look after on my own plan. At ALL.
2012-10-29 00:57:28
How did Rarity manage to actually make Applejack pretty? She lost her special talent.
2012-10-29 01:29:08
Her special talent is finding gems.
2012-10-29 01:31:35
Limey Lassen
I'm sure the Princess will know what to do! You know, cause she's always so helpful and vigilant constantly and such.
2012-10-29 05:41:39
Estoy intrigado por la carencia de rupturas en el espaciotiempo en base a los cambios a constantes elementales de la realidad equestriana que estamos atisbando o_O

Or translated: How the feck the reallity is not tearing apart for the "Lady Applejack" disturbance?
2012-10-29 09:59:16
I would appreciate your ponycomics suggestion :D

@Limey Lassen She will tell Twilight to solve it using the magic of... uh-oh
2012-10-29 12:05:37
Last three panels. ...Twilight is approaching critical-mass levels of insanity. :3
2012-10-29 14:19:32
Alex Warlorn
Is Twilight suffering from not just losing her magic, but is also now losing what made her so good at magic? Not her raw power, but her organizational talents!

And I have to say I LIKE the new and improved Applejack! Or is that Orangejack? I see Spike isn't in a hurry to help Rarity.

I personally don't like ladies who wear make-up. But that's just personal preference.

So why did AJ follow Rarity? Because it was the ladylike thing to do?

Hopefully this won't be fixed when she's in the middle of hugging Aunt and Uncle Orange and leave them heart broken.
2012-10-29 19:46:45
Alex Warlorn
LADY Applejack rules. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
2012-10-29 19:47:59
I'm sure Rarity has one of those Homer Simpson's Makeup Shotguns stored somewhere in her clothier's shop.
2012-10-29 20:13:49
Luna is best Princess
Twilight in the last 2 panels...hilarious.
2012-10-30 01:58:58
The Unknown Alias
Wait, an update that didn't take over a month? GOOD GRAVY LUNA! What is this world coming to?
2012-10-30 03:15:00
Don't worry, Derpy! Help is coming! You will bubble again! 9_6
2012-10-30 09:18:32
Ud the Imp
Oh DAMN. Twilight is so shaken by this development that she became BADLY DRAWN!!!
2012-10-30 22:40:01
derpy hooves
i need my bubbles back!:c
2012-10-31 22:36:55
Applejack looks gorgeous.
2012-11-01 00:56:15
D. Shadows
The loss of ability to keep focus for Twilight... hah magic is short term memory.

Ewww... poor Applejack.
2012-11-01 14:36:52
Alan S.
2012-11-02 08:10:09
@derpy hooves:

It's ok. You'll get 'em back. It'll all be fine. ;_;
2012-11-02 08:36:01
Mother of god...
2012-11-03 00:46:18

It's a classy elite Applejack. Trust me, let's not blame God for this one...
2012-11-03 15:06:33
Alex Warlorn
What is Applejack looking at in the second to last panel?

Applejack is now the one dressing in style, no one can call her a silly pony.
2012-11-04 09:52:25
@Alex Warlorn

Rarity, I believe.

And Applejack will ALWAYS be a silly pony. XD She's leaving her -family-. Silly Pony.
2012-11-04 15:14:48
Well without pinkie's normal personality, that leaves rainbow dash to be the silly pony.

Oh the irony. IT BURNS!
2012-11-05 10:06:29

Rainbow Dash? A Silly Pony? By Sithis, What Madness Has Claimed You?!?
2012-11-05 15:16:15
Nathan Kaiser
AppleJack sure is sexy cute there :)
2012-11-06 20:22:50
I can just imagine how AJ will act when she goes abck to normal in that dress.
2012-11-07 20:01:20
El gran maestro de la procrastinacion
Hey, Fadri, algun dia haz uno en el que salga SpiderMare o algo asi xD

Ahora en serio, tu webcomic mola mil, tanto que lo estoy leyendo en lugar de estudiar para el examen de Arquitectura y Tecnologia de Computadores que tengo dentro de una hora.
2012-11-09 16:21:35
my sister is talking fancy
2012-11-10 20:57:38
2012-11-11 05:36:28
@Blackwidower Actually, rarity's talent is the gem finding spell, she was designer before earning her cutie mark
2012-11-11 14:40:41
Pst... hey... new season has started. You know what it means, kids?

Yes, that this saga will have to enter in a hiatus while you ask Fadri to draw about season three! 8D
2012-11-11 16:53:29
2012-11-11 20:47:11
Goth Guru
Warning, accidental sarcastic spoiler alert...
Apple Bloom tried a ritual to get a cutie mark, and got everyponys marks.
2013-01-01 08:13:20
I'm leaving the apple farm and making my self look pretty
2013-02-04 01:39:08
Must resist urge to post "Fapplejack" comment...


Oh, horsefeathers.
2013-07-07 21:34:34
GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!! XD
2013-08-31 13:13:34
Applejack is too damn fabulous. Makes rarity look like a cheap hooker.
2014-01-19 05:27:07
Athena waterfall
2014-06-16 22:49:28

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