Extra 04 - I'm Just a Little Lost

I'm not totally dead yet, or at the very least I'm undead, because I'm writting this text.
However, I won't be updating ATHEWM for a few weeks, because I'm working on a non MLP-related project with a couple of pals of mine. (It's a comic in Spanish, but if you're interested, we're leaking some information about it here)

Okay, okay, I know. I was already not updating, but now you know one of the reasons! It's not that I have left the fandom because of Twilicorn or a crazy thing like that. xD

See you in a few weeks with more comics about the last episodes of season three, more "The Flank Anomaly" and more! ^__^
2013-02-21 17:25:00

La parte de engañar bots



La parte de engañar bots todavía más

Yay! Tux!
2013-02-21 17:42:26
2013-02-21 17:51:30
Nathan Kaiser
Cool Daring Doo art :3

Take your time we'll be here for ya when your back :)
2013-02-21 18:39:00
this looks awsome :D
2013-02-21 19:32:37
Alan S.
Thank you! I was starting to worry about you for a second there.
2013-02-22 08:11:50
Should have made the left turn at Albuquerque.
2013-02-22 10:45:53
Blank Flank #35
2013-02-22 19:38:11
And that is my family's road trips in a nutshell.
2013-02-23 08:56:01
>_> ... <_< *waits until no-one is looking* ....


*pinches the Daring Do* :3
2013-02-23 17:05:12
Will you be releasing the comic in English too? Just 'cause it looks awesome but I understand too little Spanish to read it.
2013-02-24 16:53:39
XD penguin
2013-02-25 04:13:39
I'm not dead yet
I can dance i can sing
I'm not dead yet
I can do the Harold-fling
I'm not dead yet
No need to go to bed
No need to call the doctor
'cause I'm not dead yet.^^
2013-02-25 21:16:45
Maybe the map was upside down.

This is drawn really well, just like all the other stuff.
2013-02-25 23:35:02
Ever thought about posting is comic on tumblr?
2013-02-27 08:29:10
Music Note
"Great... Now I see Little Tux... Welcome to Glob world Daring Doo... Welcome to Glob world"
2013-03-05 10:30:47
2013-03-06 01:33:36
It's ok, Derpy. Where-ever you are, Derpy, it's ok.

...You WILL bubble again. :D
2013-03-19 10:56:19
Page Turner
When's the next one coming???
2013-03-22 21:24:24
I know not - the note at the top gives no specific date. Only that it -will- continue.
2013-03-23 09:48:45
2013-03-24 03:06:10
I love that! BTW, when will you update? It's been like 8 weeks or so! :)
2013-03-25 18:48:06

I have no idea when he - or she - is updating.


2013-03-26 09:15:13
when are you going 2 uploud new comics
2013-03-26 21:12:06
....what if she left the fandom?
2013-03-28 06:46:20

@_@ It doesn't say that. That can't be. Derpy has to bubble again. >_>;
2013-03-28 07:12:37
2013-04-06 21:36:29
2013-04-08 01:42:44
Derp doo
It has been more than a few weeks
2013-04-11 04:23:44
Sand Star
Wat? U haven't updated in such a long time! Ur friends r taking up a lot of time, so much that u can't update ATHEWN forever! :( UPDATE SOON PLEAZ!
2013-04-12 02:48:12
Sand Star
I have to agree with u Derp doo
2013-04-12 02:48:58
o.o Author needs to come back. I can only keep un-bubbled Derpy distracted for -so long-... D:
2013-04-13 15:41:43
I told you to make that left at Albaquerque, but you wouldn't listen!
2013-04-16 00:20:20
How much, exactly, is "a few weeks"? It's almost been two months...
Great drawing by the way!
2013-04-16 00:55:13

I have no idea. I've had to switch to tranquilizers to keep Derpy sedated. I caught her trying to sneak over to a tattoo parlor. She's sleeping it off now...
2013-04-16 03:30:17
Well, Derpy woke up. Snuck out. Got a tattoo.


Derpy is now a member of the Apple Family, it seems. Oh dear. D:
2013-04-19 08:29:17
Is it me, or is that penguin wearing a bow tie?
2013-04-22 02:36:00
I like trains
2013-04-22 17:15:01
Goth Guru
2013-04-23 00:56:02
Oh No...
RaptorCalloftheShadows QUICK USE THE TARDIS TO CONTAIN Derpy!!!
2013-04-23 06:40:04

I can't. D: I'm not a Doctor. I have no Tardis Key.

Derpy Apple seems to be adjusting well, though. She only knocked down thirteen trees today, and it's only the second time the barn burned down. @_@;
2013-04-24 22:16:35
2013-04-25 12:44:36
Guess what? "A few" refers to 3-4, not 8-9!
2013-04-27 17:00:24

I know. I don't know the artist/author. I cannot hurry things along. Much as I wish I could.

(This part jokingly, of course:)As for Derpy - she continues to Applebuck. This is not desired. In fits of desperation, Pinkie has joined her, hoping that even getting the wrong cutie mark would be an improvement. Rarity continues to attempt clothing-making. God help us, she -tries-. 'Lady Jackelyn' at least keeps Rarity's spirits up with visits to the spa, at least. Fluttershy has bunkered under the bed - chaos reigns supreme at her cottage, Angel-bunny being the new Chaos-king of the cottage. Don't even get us started on Twilight and Rainbow Dash.

If the author/artist does not return, all is lost. *insert crazy twilight face here*
2013-04-27 22:34:34
okay i admit this comic is funny!i mean daring do not knowing where she is? PRICELESS!
2013-05-01 04:42:22
1337 P0N3
17 H@Z 833N E M0N7HZ Z31NC3 7H1Z W@Z P0Z73D.
2013-05-02 13:08:08
Are you sure you're not dead?
2013-05-02 22:24:23
RaptorCalloftheShadows what about the pretty princesses?????
2013-05-04 23:07:28
R.I.P. whoever made this
2013-05-05 01:06:11

Uh oh. I've become a storyteller now. OK.

The solar cycle carried on as expected the next day - after all, that would give the Princesses time to sort out what was wrong in normal circumstances.

Circumstances were decidedly -not- normal.

The next day, the sun came up half-way, just peeking over the horizon... and stayed there, the moon half-visible over the opposite horizon. Ponies began to panic, suspecting another attempted coup, the return of Nightmare Moon, some new third party on the field, you name it, somepony suspected it.

And then the news conference. Whatever had happened in Ponyville had happened to the Princesses as well. The sun and moon did not move... because their princesses could no longer -do so-...
2013-05-05 18:25:03
Umm... If you don't have the T.A.R.D.I.S. key and everyone has no cutie mark...(a blue box crashes into Sugarcube Corner)WELL!WERE DOOMED!
2013-05-05 20:42:47

Nonsense! We'll get Big Macintosh to haul the blue box outta the wreckage... and I'm sure we can find somepony to help rebuild. We'll just park the blue box in the Everfree Forest. It'll look lovely in the smack-dab middle of a patch of Poison Joke. :D
2013-05-06 16:47:03
To collect the toll here I come
A single obol is the price to pay
to take this dead webcomic home
toward to the ever lasting day
2013-05-07 04:20:18

No. Go 'way. Not dead yet. *whackwhackwhack*
2013-05-07 07:52:44
Umm... RaptorCalloftheShadows I think Big Mac went to lecture at the "Big words and Long sentences Academy"soo... .______.
2013-05-08 01:04:59

Oh dear. So he did. Well, I'm sure he'll make a fine instructor. Eeyup.

Well, what about that -one- pegasus? I think the fans call him Roid Rage? The white one with really tiny wings.... but big muscles everywhere else? :D If Big Macintosh can pull it, I'm sure he can, too, right?
2013-05-08 03:04:18
Raptor, is it okay if i call you that?
Anyways, Roid is spending his time being pessimistic and negative yelling "NOO" all the time and training his wings.
I think the box is perfectly fine where it is though, we have more "pressing " matters
2013-05-08 04:17:17

Yes, Raptor is fine.

I suppose the box will be fine. Pinkie's fourth-wall breaking powers have bupkiss to do with her cutiemark, she can squirrel it away in the space between dimensions until it's needed again.

We have several pressing issues, you'll have to be more specific than that.

...Shining Armor's shield spells now produce rains of cheese from the sky. At least the ponies will not go hungry from the halted solar cycles.

Cadence has been trying to supplant her lost 'love' cutie mark with lust. It will take weeks to clean the streets of Canterlot. Weeks, I tell you.
2013-05-08 09:22:31
Have you noticed how the time stamps on these comments are strange?
Must mean that this poster lives somewhere or something.
I wonder what are the rich doing?
2013-05-09 02:34:33
Have you noticed how the time stamps on these comments are strange?
Must mean that this poster lives somewhere or something.
I wonder what are the rich doing?
2013-05-09 02:47:44

The rich? In this skewed-off direction I've taken the story while the artist-author is gone? Well, let's see here...

Blueblood is still a horse's ass. No lack of cutie mark is going to change that.

Fancy Pants found the missing cutie-mark amusing, but in fact he's -benefiting- from it. Without it, the press seems to ... not notice him. Which, given the constant harassment the press typically would give a celebrity of his stature, is a welcome change of pace.

Fleur Dis Lee woke up and found herself suddenly speaking in French. Which is what you would expect, except that she can only speak -cajun- french now. Fancy Pants is still with her, keeping her calm.
2013-05-09 08:18:56
Well it appears that the Eiffilly Tower is some how on top of Ponyville town hall and all the trains are in Sweet Apple Acres.
2013-05-10 01:32:38
I'll keep trying to bubble while you're gone :(
2013-05-11 20:16:05
A few weeks? It's been a few months now :P
2013-05-15 04:22:31
Nathan Kaiser
So is the artist alive or did a Mexican drug cartel kill him or something?
2013-05-15 16:13:34
A Mexican drug cartel
2013-05-17 14:37:45
Give us some sine that you'sre still alive!
2013-05-18 23:07:13
1337 P0N3
2013-05-18 23:07:53
you too.
2013-05-18 23:08:10
Qin el Kirin
Fadri!!!!! Where are you!!!!!?????

¡¡¡Fadri!!! ¿¿¿Donde Estas???
2013-05-20 02:28:28
Artist, we'd love for you to return. :I
2013-05-21 11:01:50
Maby Feaherweight can get the Blue Box.
2013-05-22 13:03:04
That's it!!!!>:(
2013-05-26 02:54:59
Why is everyone ignoing Me?
2013-05-27 14:12:36
i think hes dead.
2013-05-27 17:01:39
I am not going to tell you anything about my current condition,because I am a jerk.
2013-05-28 13:09:21
You are FAKE!
2013-05-30 02:20:05
Music Note
Where's the comics? It's like ages or months =,= And I'm still WAITING!!
2013-05-31 10:26:21
At least I got some attention for once!
2013-06-01 15:26:33
Is it alright if I take over the story for a wile? Okay. The Blank-Flank Epidemic is over, and life has resumed as normal in Equestria. Wait, something else happened. Discord broke free again, only this time, he ddecided to sneak up on Celestia andscare her while she was raising the sun. the result? amagical outburst which turned all of Equestria into Parasprites. as a result, Discord has free reign because, as the only being still capable of using magic (as far as anyone else knows), turning him to stone this time would destroy any chance anyone had of returning to their origional forms. Meanwhile, Pinkie is taking full advantage of the situation to eat all the cupcakes she wants, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders are still trying to earn their Cutie Marks, beliving that they will be able to see them when are turned back to ponies again.
2013-06-02 01:16:44
Renown Recluse
Burball, that story actually sounds like it could be legit.
2013-06-03 02:40:40
2013-06-03 12:56:53
Derpy Doo
2013-06-03 21:31:28
Nathan Kaiser
*gives Derpy Doo Muffins*
2013-06-07 00:14:29

Back to you, Raptorcalloftheshadows. by the way, I'm talking to raptorcalloftheshadows.
2013-06-08 20:12:05
Cave Johnson
We here at Aperture should do something big and charitish. I got it! Let's put waterproof microchips into the waterpipes, that will give people a 3D radar into their minds! First we'll have to invent a 3-dimensional radar though.
2014-01-06 22:05:37
"I knew I should have taken that left turn at Albuquerque."
2015-09-10 07:19:58

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